The World’s Top 5 Most Innovative Companies

The World’s Top 5 Most Innovative Companies

Innovation is one of the most valuable traits for a company to have. In a nutshell, this refers to the ability to continually produce and create new and intelligent solutions, methods, and products to fill gaps in industries and needs in the market.

Many corporations strive to implement innovation in their ideas, but some stand out above the other. Here are the world’s top 5 most innovative companies.

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management platform that has worked hard on advancing with the times and using scalable technology in their services. They did this by placing focus on the way that employees use to view information, trying to find ways to encourage employees to want to look for the information themselves.

This led to the creation of Concierge, a search function using metadata to continually improve future searches. Employees could simply view a relevant article and use a ticket if wanted. It was a huge upgrade from the static source of information that Salesforce once was.

Salesforce has also worked on hackathons and app design on the innovative App Cloud interface, which allows faster app processing. The company has also used Salesforce University as a method to train new IT workers, which moved on to Trailhead, a self-service based education system.

2. Tesla

As a company that released its first electric car in 2008, it’s not hard to imagine why Tesla makes this list. But it’s not the idea of electric cars alone that makes Tesla so innovative; it’s also its unrelenting approach to business.

Tesla’s business strategies have made it stand out among most other companies. Unlike most other motor companies, Tesla does not engage in traditional marketing strategies and does not use television or billboard ad campaigns. Instead, it cuts out the middleman by selling cars straight to customers, not through a dealer.

Tesla also does not spend on incentives, choosing instead to essentially require full freight charges. The company also takes deposits for future cars months or even a few years in advance, leading it a form of loan that the company can easily pay back with their products.

3. Amazon

Amazon stands out among other similar platforms due to its choice to ignore the chances of integrated applications and platforms, instead choosing to continue its advancement and improvement in order to serve customers best.

Since its conception, Amazon has gone from an online bookstore to a marketplace where anyone can open an account, set up shop, and begin selling. The company has invested countless amounts of money into innovative technology startups that have led to the current success of its platform.

With products and services like Twitch, Amazon Web Services – which powers other huge internet-based services – and even modern home bot Alexa, Amazon continues to work to grow and evolve with the times.

4. Shanghai RAAS Blood Products

This Chinese company is focused on producing blood and plasma related medical products and services, often involving plenty of research. The development of these products has led to its manufacturing of a wide variety of medicinal services that range from vaccines to tests.

As a biological medicine company, Shanghai RAAS Blood Products has been creating new and innovative products for years, and it is these wares that have made the company largely successful and have landed it a spot on this list of most innovative companies.

The company practices very high levels of quality control, which is crucial for any corporation that manufactures biological medicine. In all of its sales, there has never been a contaminated or dangerous product released, and it is this commitment to customer safety and health that makes this company shine.

5. Netflix

If there’s one company that knows the value of a carefully crafted update, it’s Netflix. This extremely popular media streaming platform was nearly a decade in the making when it was first released after years of research and experimentation.

Since then, Netflix has grown as a service and become larger, adding new shows to its repertoire constantly. In its mission to help the slow transition from traditional television to Internet viewing, Netflix has invested years of research and testing into making its user experience more enjoyable.

As an example, its very recent UI upgrade, which saw standard show and movie covers being replaced by moving title cards that showcase previous, was the next step in bringing Netflix closer to becoming the modern equivalent of television and giving its users more of what they want.

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