Why Ideas Aren’t Worth Anything

Why Ideas Aren’t Worth Anything

Eureka! You have an idea, that’s great. At this nascent stage, think about whether it is a fleeting idea or an idea worth deliberating. While ideas could ideate from anywhere and at any time of the day/night. Often in the initial ideation stage, one feels that it is very powerful.

If you look at strategically, idea creation is a very exciting and gratifying process. While it sounds and feels good to the heart and the brain, is it worth pursuing? Brainstorming allows idea-creation, entrepreneurs love this part. Idea creation is a wonderful exercise for the mind.

sharing-ideas_ideation-cafeWe are constantly engulfed in plenty of ideas that are running at a lightning speed in our minds. Idea creation is a primary result of thinking. If you give it a little more thought, ideas already exist in your brains in some form or the other. Good ideas are a result of improving on an existing idea. Surely you have a moment of enlightenment, they require a lot of action before realizing or creating a value of ideas.

More than often the contrary happens, when idea strike but they fizzle out as the “glow” wears off. There is a reason why that happens, typically individuals move on from one idea to another in search of a better, idea.

A lot of people engage in discussions some end up in heated discussions, resulting in arguments and conflicts. People have fought over and for ideas for a very long time, its nothing new. Some argue that it is a good thing, but an idea needs to be looked at from feasible angles. Digging deep into the core of the idea may yield some
important answers and solutions.

One of the first steps into converting an idea into a good idea is by giving it a thorough thought. Give it some time, perhaps even sleep over it. Let the idea manifest into something viable, create a value of ideas. To do that, ideas need to be shared, that is the first step in making it real!

We are often marred by thoughts that stop us from sharing our ideas. We often find ourselves trying to protect them.

Sharing ideas lead to two things:

A) It creates a buzz among people that you have shared it with.

B) Those people who are looking to get involved in your idea start looking at it from their point of view. Applying others perspectives “opens” the ideas to opportunities.

Sharing an idea helps gain valuable insight into the idea. People share their thoughts and perspectives about the idea giving it more body and substance. If an idea is not feasible or viable, others opinions and views will help you alter your ideas. This is the stage where your idea will either see a brand new day, a brand new approach, or an end. Prototyping phase of ideas into reality is a collective effort of several people, it cannot be done single handed. Sharing ideas helps and leads to an idea to fruition.

Turning Ideas to Create Value

ideas-other_ideation-cafeSo you have an idea, you’ve shared It, you’ve even found the value of ideas. It all looks good! Yet the idea isn’t worth anything. Time to bring in the execution, so that the idea holds true value. It is only when an idea turns into a product or service is what creates value.

Assuming that at this stage you have outweighed all the risks involved in the idea. Think about how your idea is going to be evaluated by others. Will your idea add any value to others? If yes, it is the only way of being hopeful that your idea will pay you back. Focus on what is real! Here is what you can do when you are ready to take your idea to the execution stage.

Whether you are an individual or an organization, make a “Think-Plan-Do” is the right rhythm to take an idea into deep execution. Jump into execution only when you have a bulletproof plan. Surely, you can’t be sure about whether the plan is going to as it was meant to, there will be some changes. Change is inevitable!

Nothing will ever happen until you work for it. Take your plan into serious account, start executing your plan, see what outcomes you yield. It is crucial to evaluate the outcomes as it helps plan ahead.

Stay on top of your execution, lay out the plan and spread the word about the plan with all those involved in the execution. Be clear and concise! Take one bit of the plan
at a time so that it becomes more manageable.

If you feel your goal is getting off-tracked, pause a little think a lot. Start brainstorming all over again, if required. Think over your idea to develop the idea, plan to make the idea execution clear and do to achieve the goals of your plans.

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