Key Traits of A Good Idea

Having a winning idea gives as a great feeling. It is even greater when the ideas we put in our organization or in the community makes a difference to the society. Sometimes our ideas may not always win, we always desire to give the next big idea on innovation. But what exactly is a good idea?

A good idea can get better and eventually become great when we look at practical approaches like planning, communication, vision,and commitment. The idea should be able to give solutions to “what, why, when,where, who and how.” There are certain elements that a good idea must have in order to be considered successful in solving challenges:

It should be significantly different or better than existing solutions

A good idea can be considered good when it is different from the current one. It should be able to change the situation at hand, no matter what you intent to achieve or substitute. Sometimes the idea may not have to be new but you may need to address the challenge differently for you to get a solution.

A good idea is usually cheaper, faster, or of better quality than existing solutions

We always want to see improvement in our businesses and even in our organizations. A great idea must add value to our lives and it should be better than the existing one. It should not cost more to implement, it should be practical when it comes to time, energy and resources. and it should be more effective and efficient than the existing one.

It fills a big need (i.e its something that a lot of people want/need)

When looking for a solution to an issue, the idea you settle for should be exactly what you want. Sometimes we fail because the improvement provided is not what we expected at the beginning. A good idea should be exactly what you want and it should not compromise the expense of the other.

It’s something that can be done/ achieved

Every challenge we face has it’s unique requirements and solutions. But sometimes when we brainstorm, for an idea, there are a lot of impossible suggestions that crosses our minds. The truth is it is possible to achieve and implement a good idea, if we consider the objectives of the idea selected. Sharing the ideas generated with others can also help you measure your idea. This will also help to minimize on personal choices and subjectivity.

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