Ever since a young age I have been passionate about ideas, technology and what makes the world “tick”.

After working in the corporate world for the better part of two decades I found that ideas rarely, if ever, see the light of day.

I actually thought about throwing in my job and starting fresh but by chance management announced a new innovation policy. This was back in 2014 when “innovation” was only just becoming a buzz word.

I put my hand up and got the role to lead the team. Our focus was initially on finding people with ideas and then later taking those ideas, incubating them and eventually using them in our day to day operations.

What I saw through that process was that most, if not all people, have ideas. And a lot of them are actually pretty decent. Some might not work right now, or might be outside the scope of the company’s operations, however I still believe we have a duty to encourage people to share those ideas.

Ideation Cafe is actually the name my team coined for the area of the building we were situated in. Unlike other parts of the office where people largely sat in cubicles our work space was open plan and kind of felt like a cafe (we were also near the staff kitchen).

I decided to adopt the name for this blog and share my thoughts here on ideas, innovation and how important it is.

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