3 Ideas That Changed the World

3 Ideas That Changed the World

The world has come a long way since the dawn of time. Humans take pride in innovating and over millennia that has been our legacy, simply put humans like things to be easy. Our great discoveries and innovations were to solve and underlying need to live easier. This curiosity hasn’t come cheap but thanks to some of these ideas the world has changed in both a productive and a destructive way.

The Greatest Idea

greatest-idea_ideation-cafeI often tell some of my friends in academic circles that we always give people who discovered gravity and electricity props for wonderful discoveries but there is one person or a group of people we do not give much credit, the people that had the idea to start farming.

Maybe it is their unsung nature and how their names are forgotten to time that we do not pay homage to these great pioneers but they deserve to be applauded. The first people to till the ground and plant crops and start an amazing chapter in the history of mankind.

With people now able to produce food on their own, settlements started to evolve and form and other skills would be born. The discovery of more edible crops meant people shifted from nomad culture to establishing permanent settlements.

The human diet started to change also as people would move from a system of hunting and gathering to adopting grains, fruits and vegetables into their diet a system that even up to now still exists. This was the greatest revolution, the Neolithic revolution.

We Wanted to Heal

heal-idea_ideation-cafeBack in the day, life wasn’t guaranteed and if you caught small pox it would most likely mean death. Vaccines turned the tide on human mortality as small pox, polio and measles could no longer claim lives any more.

From early doctors scrapping powdered smallpox scabs to administer to people in an effort to prevent the disease to more improved and evolved vaccines developed over time, you have to say medicine has come a long way.

Vaccination gave hope to medical practitioners that they could defeat any disease and now millions and millions of dollars are pumped into research hoping to find vaccines for some of the world’s deadliest diseases.

Vaccinations have allowed children to live longer and grow into productive adults and have led to a rise in the life expectancy all around the world. In retrospect vaccination was a welcome initiative way back then and medicine has taken leaps forward with more vaccines.

The Greatest Machine

machine-idea_ideation-cafeArguably the greatest machine ever invented by men, it was sheer genius and in a way a moment of madness to come up with a self-propelled vehicle which could take you across the country or from one point to the other easily.

Perhaps the greatest impact of the invention of the car was the birth of the automotive industry, an industry which has supported entire economies all around the world. This meant more employment and more opportunities in terms of innovations

Cars led to the oil wars that have plagued the world and as the fuel source oil became prioritized and more important as the automobile industry grew. Fast forward oil has become one of the biggest cash makers all across the world with oil companies being some of the world’s influential stake holders.

Cars meant people could visit each other over long distances, reducing the distance barrier as families and friends could still be in touch if you just gassed up and took a trip. In terms of transport this meant raw materials had a more ways to deliver faster, trade would improve and accessibility of other goods that were not found in other areas.

Although it came as a marvel cars have also taken their share of human deaths through accidents. Year after year many people lose their lives in car accidents, it was a noble idea and improved the world greatly but it would still have its dark side.

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